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Dear reader!

We wanted it just as much as you:

to meet each other again, to visit exhibition after exhibition, to go from ancient church to beautiful old windmill, to see the gorgeous Groninger Landscape, have a fun weekend with friends while camping, in a B&B, biking…

Unfortunately, it is impossible.

What we can offer is a weekend full of other possibilities!

So, keep this days in your book: June 11, 12 and 13 2021.

We are going to do the best we can to create a wonderful, virtual festival where you are getting your fresh inspiration! For instance we are working hard on an online quiltcontest! We are working on a lookout on our pretty landscape to get a little bit of that holidayfeeling and we are offering information about our National Quilt Collection!

If you were going to have an exhibition we will ask you to cooperate for the online exhibition. We are going to ask people to join with online workshops, presentations etc.

We are going to make this festival as vivid as can be and we are hoping you are looking forward to help us with that…May we count on you?

We will keep you posted so keep an eye on our website and our Facebook site!


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